Sam Drebit


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Sam's Experience

I have over 25 years customer service experience, 16 of that in the casino industry. I love interacting with the public and fostering relationships with clients. After all that time, I finally decided that it was time to follow my dreams and go to college. I graduated from the Paralegal program at Fleming College in 2020 as the top graduate in my program, and was fully licensed by the Law Society of Ontario as a Paralegal shortly after. Since then, I worked in property management for a large corporate landlord, and as a legal assistant in a small Paralegal firm.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I couldn’t even begin to list all of the great things about my job. Coming to a job that you truly love every day is good for the soul. In my opinion, every member of this team is the absolute best at what they do, and I am truly grateful to get to learn from them and spend time with them. Since I started, everyone here has been amazing. We all truly want to see each other succeed and we treat ourselves, each other and our clients with the utmost care and respect. A team this great is rare, and I am lucky to be a part of it.


  • Law Society of Ontario

What is your goal when a client comes to see you?

I want every client to feel like they are important to me. I really like to take my time and get to know people when I can. I would love for every client to feel like they have truly built relationships here.

What is something interesting about you that you'd like your clients to know?

My son and I started college in the same year (not at the same school). We were graduating the same semester, and I was worried for almost two years that the ceremonies would be on the same day and I wouldn’t be able to attend mine.

Fun Fact

  • I have seen New Kids on the Block in concert 11 times since 2008, always with the same group of three friends

Professional Stats:

  • June 2020: Graduated Fleming College Paralegal Program
  • November 2020: Passed Paralegal Licensing exam and officially licenced as a Paralegal by the Law Society of Ontario